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If the services below don't meet your needs, contact us to create a custom solution! 

Design Consultation


Looking for quick ideas to give your space new life? Explore design options and ask questions for up to 90 minutes on any area in your home. This option is perfect for the DIY enthusiast, or anyone who needs advice or direction to move forward with their project. 

Design Master Plan

This option is perfect for the client who appreciates beauty and function, but isn't sure how to achieve it in their own space.


Together we determine your specific needs and identify your design aesthetic. We create a functional floor plan, provide 3D renderings to help you visualize the design, and give you the opportunity to shop and implement as your time and budget allow. 


Remote clients must provide their own measurements.

Full-Service Design

If you're looking to redesign or remodel a room in your home and would prefer to hand over the design concept, project management, and install of the job to a professional, this is the service for you. Houserman Design will not only create a design that maximizes your space, but will coordinate work done by trades (electricians, plumbers, painters, contractors, etc.), order all finish materials and furniture, oversee the delivery and storage of materials to a receiving warehouse, and arrange for the final install at project completion. 

Enjoy the result without the hassle! 

For clients within 30 miles of 45459 only; does not include kitchen or bath remodeling.

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